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Human Transporter for Off-road

According to the difference in battery type and battery capacity, our human transporter for off-road purpose comes in 6 models for selection, i.e. OA36-1, OA36-2, OL36-1, OL36-2, OL72-1 and OL72-2. These six types of off-road electric scooter differ in battery types, battery capacity, LCD display content, etc. They can reach a speed of 18km/h, bear a load from 125kg to 150kg and can run for 10hours after complete charge (charging for 3~10hours). You can choose what you want as per actual needs.

Technical Parameters

OA36-1 OA36-2 OL36-1 OL36-2 OL72-1 OL72-2
Max. speed 18KM/H 18KM/H 18KM/H 18KM/H 18KM/H 18KM/H
Max. mileage 30KM 40KM 30KM 40KM 30KM 40KM
Maximum bearing weight 125KG 150KG 120KG 150KG 120KG 150KG
Climbing capability 30° 45° 30° 45° 45° 45°
Turning radius 0 0 0 0 0 0
Cruise duration 10 hours 10 hours 10 hours 10 hours 10 hours 10 hours
Power Two imported DC Motor, DC servo drives DC brush motor DC brush motor DC brush motor DC brush motor DC brush motor
Motor power 1000 watts ×2motors 2×1000W 2×1000W 2×1000W 2×1000W 2×1000W
Battery type PB,36V,42Ah 36V, Lead-acid battery 72V, High capacity Li-battery 36V, High capacity Li-battery 72V, High capacity Li-battery 72V, High capacity Li-battery
Charging time 8-10h 6-8h 6-10h 3-5h 6-10h 3-5h
LCD display content Battery capacity Battery capacity, speed, miles Battery capacity Battery capacity, speed, miles Battery capacity, speed, miles Battery capacity, speed, miles
Pedal height 26cm 26cm 26cm 26cm 26cm 26cm
Max. height above the ground 13cm 13cm 13cm 13cm 13cm 13cm
Standard pressure of tyre 100kpa 250kpa 250kpa 250kpa 250kpa 250kpa
Handlebar height 80-110cm Adjustable 80-110cm Adjustable 80-110cm Adjustable 80-110cm Adjustable 80-110cm Adjustable 80-110cm Adjustable
Tyre size 19 in / 48 cm vacuum smooth (puncture proof) 19 in / 48 cm vacuum smooth (puncture proof) 19 in / 48 cm vacuum smooth (puncture proof) 19 in / 48 cm vacuum smooth (puncture proof) 19 in / 48 cm vacuum smooth (puncture proof) 19 in / 48 cm vacuum smooth (puncture proof)
Packaging size 90 ×52 ×63cm 85cm ×49cm ×65cm 85cm ×49cm ×65cm 85cm ×49cm ×65cm 85cm ×49cm ×65cm 85cm ×49cm ×65cm

Details of the Human Transporter

Adjustable Steering Lever
Length of the steering lever can be adjusted according to rider's height. It is suitable when the handlebar is up to the height of rider's belly.

Excellent Road Adjustability
The pedal height of Koowheel off-road personal transporter is up to 26cm and the maximum height from the ground reaches 13cm. It comes with a 19 inches vacuum puncture proof tyre specially designed for rough terrain. The tyre is greatly resistant to impact, corrosion and abrasion. With unique anti-skid grooves, it can easily take you over the obstacles.

Outstanding Power
Our off-road human transporter is provided with double motors (2×1000W, Brushed DC). With great power supply, it can offer strong power for you off-road journey. The maximum speed is up to 18KM/H.

Zero Emission, Eco-friendly
The self-balancing electric vehicle is powered by a high performance lithium battery that ensures no emission to the environment.

Full Metal Protective Bracket and Fender
Robust protective bracket engineered from aviation aluminum and premium steel can easily handle various impacts to ensure stable control.

30° Climbing Capability
Backed by strong horsepower and stable performance, our off-road human transporter can easily climb a 30° slope.

0° Turning Radius
The two wheel human transporter can realize 360° turning with 0° radius. Therefore, it allows free drive in elevators, shopping malls and corridors.

1. Q: Is it easy to learn how to drive the all terrain electric personal transporter? How to manipulate it?
The battery-powered electric vehicle can balance itself, enabling you to feel as if you are standing on the ground. You can learn how to drive within 5 minutes. It has no accelerator and no brake, and go forward and backward fully relying on the induction to user's gravity center. When user shifts their weight backward, the vehicle will brake with very short braking length.

2. Q: What parts are included?
human transporter, manual, warranty card, remote controller, charger

3. Q: How long can this two wheel self-balancing vehicle travel as the battery is fully charged? How fast is it?
1) Speed can reach 20KM/H. It can be adjusted according to user's shifting weight;
2) The battery should be charged for 6-8 hours at the first time. Then, it can be charged for 2-3 hours;
3) When the battery is fully charged, the human transporter can travel for about 4 hours and 30-35KM.

4. Q: Can this vehicle put in the trunk? How to install it?
Our human transporter for off-road application is totally tested and debugged before delivery. It can be driven when the handlebar and direction lever are inserted. The direction lever with handlebar is fastened by active buckle that ensures ease of assembly, stretching and shortening. So, it is able to be put in the trunk of hatchback cars.

5. Q: Is this vehicle safe?
All self-balancing vehicles have limit velocity, within which they are safe. When they reach the limiting speed, the vehicle body will automatically face upward to limit the speed, and at this time, please do not speed up forcefully.

6. Q: How long does this two wheel human transporter guaranteed for free maintenance and parts replacement? How is your after-sales service?
We offer one year warranty for external part of the electric vehicle and 6 month warranty for internal part. Under warranty, we provide free replacement for any part that is damaged because of non-human reasons. Within one year beyond warranty, we only charge cost for part replacement. We supply any part and accessory of the vehicle for long term. It can be used for 5-6 years and the battery should be changed every two years.

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