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Human Transporter for City Road

With flexible and variable models, our CA and CL series human transporters for city road can make your life in the increasingly crowded city more comfortable, healthier and more convenient. Our city version stand-up electric scooters come in four types, i.e. CA36-1, CL36-1, CL72-1 and CL72-2 which differ in battery type, capacity, tyre size and others. Up to 18km/h speed, 120-150kg bearing capacity, 10 hours cruise duration and only 4-6 hours charging time make them an ideal short-distance transportation solution in urban life. You can choose from these models as per actual needs.

Technical Parameters of the Human Transporter

CA36-1 CL36-1 CL72-1 CL72-2
Max. speed 18KM/H 18KM/H 18KM/H 18KM/H
Max. mileage 30KM 35KM 35KM 50KM
Maximum bearing weight 120KG 120KG 120KG 150KG
Climbing capability 30° 30° 30° 30°
Turning radius 0 0 0 0
Cruise duration 10 hours 10 hours 10 hours 10 hours
Power DC brush motor DC brush motor DC brush motor DC brush motor
Motor power 2×1000W 2×1000W 2×1000W 2×2000W
Battery type 36V, high capacity battery 36V, lithium battery 72V, lithium battery 72V, lithium battery
Charging time 4-6 hours 4-6 hours 4-6 hours 4-6 hours
LCD display content Battery capacity Battery capacity Battery capacity Battery capacity
Pedal height 26cm 26cm 26cm 26cm
Max. height above the ground 13cm 13cm 13cm 13cm
Handlebar height 80-110cm, adjustable 80-110cm, adjustable 80-110cm, adjustable 80-110cm, adjustable
Tyre size 17 inches (Vacuum, puncture-proof tyre) 17 inches (Vacuum, puncture-proof tyre) 17 inches (Vacuum, puncture-proof tyre) 21 inches (Vacuum, puncture-proof tyre)

Features of the Human Transporter

Small Size (can be put in the car boot)
The personal transportation device is designed with small size, thus taking up a small space. This can relieve the crowded urban transportation to some extent. In addition, this segway style scooter comes with an extremely light weight which enables you to take it to anywhere you want to go without worry about where to park in that you can put it in your car boot during the trip. The human transporter becomes an augmented product of the car. Ergonomically designed handlebar makes you feel comfortable.

Height Adjusting Lever
Screw type height adjuster allows lever height to be adjusted at will in 80cm-110cm. It is suitable for user in various heights.

Rubber Tyres (antiskid and wear resistant)
The two wheeled human transporter is provided with KENDA rubber tyres made of natural rubber. They come with clear grain and have excellent resistance to skid and wear, suitable for riding on various roads.

Aluminum Pedal (safe and beautiful)
The pedal of this electric personal transporter is made of up-to-date aviation aluminum which ensures the first class hardness as well as robustness and durability. With unique surface treatment, it shows high end and eye-catching texture.

No Emission, No Pollution
Our human transporters for city road are powered by three types of battery, namely 36V battery, 36V lithium battery and 72V lithium battery which can be charged by home use power supply and ensure zero emission to the environment. Fully charged, the CA36-1 type can travel 25-30KM, and CL72-2 type 40-50KM, with the maximum speed of 18km/h.

Applications of the City Version Human Transporters
1. Police, security guard patrol;
2. Personal travel, amusement and short-distance travel;
3. Renting in tourist attractions, parks and amusement playgrounds;
4. Intelligent robot moving platform;
5. Personal self-balance scooter in industrial park, factory and greenhouse;
6. Commercial applications, riding to do products promotion;
7. Put into the car boot as a car partner;
8. Airport, stadiums, indoor venues, big warehouses, major shopping centers;
9. Exhibition buyers travel.

Application Cases


  • Insert the direction lever to the chassis and lock hexagonal screws at both sides.
  • Adjust the length of direction lever until the handlebar is at the same height of your belly, and then fasten adjusting screws.
  • Open the handlebar clamping sleeve and put the handlebar in it.
  • Close the clamping sleeve and lock the screw.
  • Install direction connecting shaft
  • Installation completed
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