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Mini Human Transporter

Here comes our mini type two wheeled self-balancing battery powered human transporter. It is a perfect solution for short distance transportation, with up to 12km/h max speed, 12 miles per charge, 120kg bearing capacity, 15 degree slope climbing ability and zero turning radius. The 2 wheel balancing scooter has been a recreational, practical and functional transportation vehicle that will assure hours of nonstop motion.

Technical Parameters of Mini Human Transporter
Model: M48-1
Maximum speed: 12KM/H
Maximum mileage: 20KM (about 12.4miles)
Maximum bearing weight: 120KG
Climbing capability: 15°
Turning radius: 0
Cruise duration: 3hours
Motor: Brushed DC motor
Motor power: 2×800W
Battery type: 48V, high capacity lithium battery
Charging time: 4-6 hours
Tyre standard pressure: 250kpa
Tyre size: 8 inches (rubber tyre)

Features of Mini Human Transporter
1. Modern Design, Stylish Appearance

The main color of the flexible handlebar is black, and in the middle of the handlebar, there is a stripe of blue added to show off its beauty. The handlebar comes with a circular design that is different with the open design of common self-balancing transporter. This modern design offers users great convenience and comfort from getting on board to driving.

2. Small Size, Light Weight (Only 16kg)
The Koowheel M48-1 mini human transporter is small in size and light in weight. It maximally gets rid of the redundant size and weight while ensuring structural strength. Width of the electric personal vehicle is only 46cm and its weight is only 16kg.

3. Remarkable Safety Design
Taking the safety of riders into account, the mini type stand on scooter is designed with small wheels that can be covered by footboards without fenders. This allows rider to easily jump off the vehicle from any side when encountering accidents, thus ensuring maximum safety.

4. High Sensitivity and Precision
Due to the dynamic balancing system, the electric human transporter can keep motionless on a 15° slope. It can be realized by the most sensitive and precise motion compensation algorithm and sensor.

5. Easy Operation, Reliable Performance
The segway scooter comes with fully automatic intelligent design which ensures easy operation, stable performance and high safety. It is suitable for short-distance ride, patrol, partner of a car, and travel in tourism area. It is especially ideal for individual and family use.

6. Assistance Mode
Our mini human transporter will cooperate with you tacitly. Under the assistance mode, it will offer assistance according to start angle and ground slope.

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