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Human Transporter (Two Wheeled)

    1. Human Transporter (for Off-road)

      Our human transporter for off-road purpose comes in 6 models for selection, i.e. OA36-1, OA36-2, OL36-1, OL36-2, OL72-1 and OL72-2.
      Backed by strong horsepower and stable performance, our off-road human transporter can easily climb a 30° slope.

    1. Human Transporter (for City Road)

      With flexible and variable models, our CA and CL series human transporters for city road can make your life in the increasingly crowded city more comfortable, healthier and more convenient.
      Commercial applications, riding to do products promotion.

    1. Human Transporter (Mini Type)

      Taking the safety of riders into account, the mini type stand on scooter is designed with small wheels that can be covered by footboards without fenders. This allows rider to easily jump off the vehicle from any side when encountering accidents, thus ensuring maximum safety.

At Fudeyuan, we mainly offer three series of two wheeled human transporters including human transporter for off-road, human transporter for city road and mini human transporter. Among which, the off-road series are specially designed for those who love cross-country activities and want to explore the great outdoors on the off-road segway. The city road series are the up-to-date solution for short distance personal transportation in the city which helps urban transportation to realize zero oil consumption and zero emission in the future. The mini type personal transporter features compact structure and eye-catching appearance, and is an ideal choice for fashion, relaxation and children playing.

If you want to know more about these three series of 2 wheel self-balancing scooters, please check out from following pages. You will be amazed at how many benefits you can get from our segway personal transporters, also called segway PT.