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Self-Balancing Unicycle

, U60-1

Get ready to say goodbye to the crowds and enjoy the freedom and pleasure with our U60-1 self-balancing unicycle. Whether you're going on a short tour or traveling through the city to work, this one-wheel scooter is the right tool for you. It can reach a speed of 16km/h, realize a bearing of max 120kg, and guarantee 3 hours of nonstop motion.

Available Colors

Earth yellow
Black and White
The Stars and the Stripes

Technical Parameters of the Self-Balancing Unicycle
Model: U60-1
Maximum speed: 16KM/H
Maximum mileage: 15KM (about 9.3miles)
Maximum bearing weight: 120KG
Climbing capability: 30°
Cruise duration: 3hours
Motor power: 350W
Battery capacity: 200WH
Charging time: 1hours
Dimension: 380×160×470mm
Distance from pedal to ground: 110mm
Tyre diameter: 380mm
Dead weight: 8.6kg (Without auxiliary wheel)
Pre-warning system: Acoustic-optical speed limitation
Applicable riding temperature: -10℃-50℃
Inclined protection: 45° at both left and right sides.
Speed limit protection: starting at a speed of more than 16km/h
Low power protection: starting when battery capacity is only 10% left.

Features of the Self-balancing Unicycle
1. Up-to-date Intelligent System, Safe and Efficient

The standing unicycle is designed with an intelligent protection system which detects all conditions of each battery 200 times per second and offers constant protection. Once it is found that the battery working condition is abnormal, the protection system will immediately warn the user and reduce speed. This will bring you safe and efficient riding experience.

2. High Quality Lithium Battery, Durable and Eco-friendly
The self-balancing unicycle is powered by an original Samsung lithium battery that comes with super long cruising ability, constant strong power, and can be fully charged in 50 minutes. Battery is the heart of self-balancing electric unicycle, and it has direct influence on the vehicle performance. With this battery, the one wheel scooter is durable and eco-friendly.

3. Strong Power Motor, Energy Efficient
This self-balancing unicycle is driven by the up-to-date type motor which comes with strong power, excellent resistance to high temperature and impact, stable internal structure, and high energy efficiency. It enables you to control the one wheel human transporter at your will. In addition, high accelerated speed and stable riding performance will match your needs.

4. Easy Operation
Thanks to a fully automatic intelligent design, the single wheeled vehicle delivers easy operation, stable performance, high safety and reliability. It is perfect for short distance riding, patrol, putting into the car boot as a car partner, and riding in the tourism area.

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