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Self-Balancing Unicycle

, U60-2

Your eyes never deceive you. This is an amazing self-balancing unicycle and you can buy one today. With a 200WH battery, the stylish one wheel electric scooter can reach a speed of 18km/h for a distance of 15 miles per charge. It can carry you through the city to travel and work without concerning the terrible traffic.

Technical Parameters of the Self-Balancing Unicycle
Model: U60-1
Maximum speed: 18KM/H
Maximum mileage: 25KM (about 15.5miles)
Maximum bearing weight: 120KG
Climbing capability: 35°
Cruise duration: 3hours
Motor power: 350W
Battery capacity: 200WH
Charging time: 1.5hours
Dimension: 380×160×470mm
Distance from pedal to ground: 110mm
Tyre diameter: 380mm
Dead weight: 9.6kg (Without auxiliary wheel)
Pre-warning system: Acoustic-optical speed limitation
Applicable riding temperature: -10℃-50℃
Inclined protection: 45° at both left and right sides.
Speed limit protection: starting at a speed of more than 16km/h
Low power protection: starting when battery capacity is only 10% left.

Product Details

1. Arched Handle
Ergonomic and Comfortable

2. Latest Hi-tech PC Material
High Resilience/Flame Resistance/Oxidation Resistance/Abrasion Resistance

3. Made of Aviation Aluminum
Designed to be strengthened and skid-proof to suit your feet and deliver a wonderful riding experience.

4. Sunken Metal Power Button
Tilting Alert Blinker/IP56 Water Resistance

5. Silica Dust Cap Aviation Charging Port
Multi-Protection/Electric Leakage Resistance

6. LED Indicator
Power Level indicator/Low Battery Alert

7. Nano Silica Gel
High Resilience/Ease of Cleaning/Ultra Comfortable Activation Resistance

8. Exclusive Pedal Folding Technology
Better fit/Natural Adsorption

1. Oval handle
It won't hurt your hand to carry it for long time.

2. Advanced safe charging port
Groove design

3. Meticulous button design
Just a gentle press and it will be started

4. The pedal is made of aviation aluminum material
Durable, upscale, beautiful

5. Natural rubber tyre
Provide good grip; improve safety factor

6. State-of-the-art design of motor
Provide a strong motivation, efficient and energy saving

Features of the Self-balancing Unicycle
1. Latest intelligent system ensures high safety and efficiency

This personal transportation tool is designed with an intelligent protection system. The center processing unit will detect each battery up to 200 times per second. Once the battery working condition is founded to be abnormal, the intelligent protection system will immediately alert the rider and limit the speed.

2. Superior lithium battery brings excellent durability and eco-friendliness
Our U60-2 self-balancing unicycle employs an original Samsung lithium battery which ensures super long cruising ability, constant and strong power, and quick charging capability (full charging in 50 min.). As the heart of self-balancing vehicle, the battery has a direct influence on the whole vehicle performance. Koowheel unicycle is powered by the Samsung super lithium battery that brings ultrafast charging ability, great durability and environmental friendliness while ensuring strong power storage.

3. With strong power motor, do whatever you want
The self-balancing unicycle adopts the up-to-date motor to realize free running with a maximum speed of 18km/h. The motor comes with strong power, excellent resistance to high temperature and impact, stable internal structure, and high energy efficiency. It will allow you to control the one wheel electric transporter at your own will.

4. Easy operation
Fully automatic intelligent design makes the self-balancing unicycle easy to ride, with stable performance, safety and reliability. Once you ride on this solowheel,you can say goodbye to the crowds and enjoy the freedom and pleasure.

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