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Self-Balancing Unicycle

    1. Self-Balancing Unicycle, U60-1

      The self-balancing unicycle is powered by an original Samsung lithium battery that comes with super long cruising ability, constant strong power, and can be fully charged in 50 minutes. With this battery, the one wheel scooter is durable and eco-friendly.

    1. Self-Balancing Unicycle, U60-2

      The self-balancing unicycle adopts the up-to-date motor to realize free running with a maximum speed of 18km/h. The motor comes with strong power, excellent resistance to high temperature and impact, stable internal structure, and high energy efficiency.

Here at Fudeyuan, as a leading personal transporter supplier, we not only supply two wheel electric scooters, but also offer self-balancing unicycles. It is a single wheeled, self-balancing and battery powered electric vehicle. Charged for 60 minutes, the electric unicycle can travel 15km, presenting extreme convenience for short-distance travel and an ideal substitute of bus and subway. We offer two types of self-balancing unicycle, i.e. U60-1 and U60-2. They are all small in size and portable, and can be directly put into the car boot, carried to home or office.