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Hovertrax / Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard, Slider S36

The slider S36 portable, two wheeled, self balancing electric skateboard is not only an innovative product, but also a brand new artificial intelligence. It can react to your every move to provide outstanding stabilization. The self-balancing electric scooter integrates intelligence, fashion, safety and energy efficiency, and is ideal for large residential community, park, shopping center, office building, campus, golf course, tourism area, and other flat surfaces. It weighs only several kilograms but can bear up to max 120kg load. With a 36V high capacity lithium battery, the mini scooter can reach a speed of 16km/h and travel up to 20km per charge.

Specifications of the Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard
Maximum speed: 16KM/H
Maximum mileage: 20KM (about 12.4miles)
Maximum bearing weight: 120KG
Climbing capability: 35°
Turing radius: 0
Cruise duration: 10 hours
Motor: Brushed DC motor
Motor power: 2×1000W
Battery type: 36V, high capacity lithium battery
Charging time: 4-6hours
LCD display contents: Battery capacity
Pedal height: 110mm
Dimension: 584×186×178mm
Tyre standard pressure: 250kpa
Tyre size: 17inches (vacuum, puncture proof)
Color: Red, white, blue, black

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Features of the Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard
1. High Precision Motor

The electric personal transporter is provided with the up to date high precision motor for braking. This high powered motor comes with remarkable high temperature resistance, stable internal structure and high energy efficiency. It enables you to manipulate the 2 wheel self balancing scooter at will, enjoying fast speed accelerating and stable riding.

2. High Quality Battery
Our double wheeled self balancing electric skateboard is powered by the super lithium battery developed by the German up to day technology. It offers ultra strong power storage capacity as well as safe and reliable performance.

3. Intelligent Battery Protection System
CPU in the system will detect all the status of each battery 200 times in a second and conduct intelligent protection. Once the battery has something abnormal, the system will alert the rider and automatically slow down to keep them under the safe operating speed.

4. Best-in-Class PC and PE Material
The electric skateboard is covered by the top grade PC+PE material imported from Germany. Plus 1,000,000 times of destructive impact test, the intelligent personal mobility device has the industry leading impact resistance, bringing users peace of mind without worrying about its falling and breaking.

5. Wide Adaptability, Portability
The self-balancing electric skateboard comes with a super high bearing capacity. The maximum bearing weight is up to 120kg. It is suitable for all kinds of people including teens, college students, office workers, fashionable, trendsetters, leisure sports lovers, etc.

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