Enterprise Culture

Being a leader in personal transportation and offer customers high quality products such as segway style scooter, self-balancing unicycle, two wheeled self-balancing electric skateboard, etc., Fudeyuan boasts dynamic and cohesive enterprise culture.

Simplicity, Love
People in Fudeyuan trust each other because of love, and trust grants us simplicity and sincerity.

At Fudeyuan, we have superior system, fair and open principle of management, and concise and efficient working habit.

Here, interpersonal relationship is not complicated, life is wonderful and colored.

Fairness, Impartiality
We treat each of employees in Fudeyuan with sincere heart, and offer them equal chance and challenge.
Every people working here can obtain comprehensive development and get full respect.

No Suppression, No Giving Up
To each employee working here, we express sufficient respect and understanding to their emotion, individuality and attitude toward life.
We sincerely accept the feelings and experience from different people in different events and at different times. We will not stop absorbing the lessons from various ways and not stop enriching and improving ourselves.

Fudeyuan - where the dream begins; It is a paradise for elites to realize their ambition.

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