Q: What is the working principle of your self balancing electric vehicles?
A: Koowheel self-balancing electric scooters and unicycles work based on the dynamic balance principle. They employ built-in gyroscope and acceleration sensor to detect the change of vehicle posture and utilize servo control system to precisely drive the motor to carry out adjustment and stabilize the vehicle.

Q: What to do if the remote controller can not start the small electric vehicle or it is not sensitive?
A: Please check whether the battery capacity of the remote controller is enough or not. If it is not enough, you can change battery to solve this problem. If it still can not work after you change the battery, please contact our after-sales department.

Q: Why does the vehicle tilt backward during its running?
A: When it is in low battery, the vehicle's tilting backward during running is normal. This problem can be solved after you shut it down and fully charge the battery. In addition, when the battery is in full level, the vehicle will also automatically tilt backward as its speed is high. This will force the rider to place their weight backward to avoid risk.

Q: How to assembly Koowheel self balancing human transporters?
A: As for detailed assembly steps, please refer to the new vehicle installation part in the user manual.

Q: How to charge Koowheel self balancing electric vehicles?
A: Plug the power adapter into a 100-240V AC power socket to charge the vehicle.

Q: How long does it need to be fully charged?
A: With standard battery and standard adapter, it needs 4-5 hours to be fully charged.

Q: How long can Koowheel self balancing personal transporters travel after they have been fully charged?
A: 30~35 kilometers (battery pack with standard capacity)

Q: Where can Koowheel electric scooters travel?
You can ride them on beach, lawn and indoor ground.

Q: Can Koowheel scooters be ridden on motor vehicle lanes?
Our self balance scooters are not motor vehicles and can not travel on motor vehicle lanes. It is unnecessary to have a license tag. However, you also need to ride according to local traffic laws.

Q: How to handle if the vehicle fails and reports errors?
Please stop riding and power it off immediately, then contact our after-sales employee.

Q: How to solve the problem that it loses power when the self balancing vehicle goes uphill or over a step and there is no react when it is started again?
First, check whether is safety switch is off or not. If it is not off, please reset the switch.

Q: Why does Koowheel self-balancing unicycle can not balance after I step on the pedal?
Possibly, the pedal sensor is broken. Please contact us to handle it.

Q: What quality certifications have Koowheel personal transporters obtained?
CE certificate

Q: What attentions needed to be paid in cleaning and daily maintenance of Koowheel self balancing scooters?
Please regularly check tyre pressure and see if the screws on tyres and other accessories are loose or not. Please do not use water to clean the vehicle. You can use wet cloth instead.