After-Sales Service

The concept of our after-sales service is efficient, professional and satisfactory. We aim to bring peace of mind to each customer who has bought our Koowheel electric scooters. To realize this goal, we offer our customers considerate after-sales services and supports.

Service Promise
1. If problems are found when you ride Koowheel self balancing scooters, please contact the salesman and send us the fault video along with a description about the problems so that we can confirm them and offer you solution in the shortest time.
2. Our after-sales service department will deal with the problem within 24 hours taking time difference into account.
3. After we work out solutions, we will contact you and tell you how to solve the problems.
4. If you need to change parts, we will send you the new replacement parts immediately using DHL express (within 3-4 days you can receive it) after receiving the faulty parts. Along with the new replacement parts, our salesman will send you a video about how to replace the parts.

We offer you one-year warranty. The accessories that can enjoy this warranty are listed as follows. We also list the situations where the accessories are eligible for our warranty.

1. Battery, 1-Year
If the battery is broken because you dismantle it without permission, use other charger or the battery is wetted, it is not warranted. That is to say, the battery damaged by human factors is not covered in the 1-year warranty range.

2. Motor and Reducer, 1-Year
The motor and reducer of our personal electric vehicles damaged by unauthorized dismantling, contact with water, serious impact, etc. are not eligible for our warranty replacement.

3. Control System, 1-Year
With the exception of damage caused by improper disassembly, reconstruction and touch by water entering.

4. Charger, 1-Year
Except chargers that are broken by misuse, abuse or negligence.

5. Direction Lever, 1-Year
Except those that are damaged artificially such as refit, bending, collision, surface scratching, parts losing, etc.

6. Handlebar, 1-Year
Handlebars that are damaged by human factors including fracture, scratching and more will not enjoy the one-year warranty.

7. Pedal, 1-Year
Pedals of our personal mobility devices found to be damaged through misuse, abuse or refit is not eligible for our warranty replacement.

8. Tyre, 1-Year
Tyres found to have cracks or air leakage can also be repaired or replaced freely for one year.

9. Wheel Hub, 1-Year
Wheel hubs that have voids or air leakage are covered by our warranty agreement.

10. Intelligent Remote Controller, 1-Year
Improper use, refit, misuse and other human factors will keep the remote controller away from the 1-year warranty replacement.

11. Shell, 1-Year
Without collision, the shell of our electric scooters founded to have paint peeled off or sealing off will also be maintained or replaced for free in one year.

Damages due to following causes are not accepted for warranty:
1) Traffic accident, man-made collision, fire disaster, dip in water, refrigeration, falling or other impacts;
2) Installation, use, maintenance and storage that are not conducted according to the manual;
3) Overload, over speed or other behaviors against application regulations in the manual;
4) Parts damage caused by improper disassembly, refit, changing of inherent settings;
5) Paint peeling off or abrasion because of exposure, heavy rain, cleaning by high pressure water gun or chemical solvents;
6) Beyond the rules of operating manual;
7) Maintenance in unauthorized place;
8) Force majeure;
9) Others

Warranty Process
1. Call our official technical support number (+86-755-29378431) or directly contact with the distributor.
2. We will check vehicle information and record the problems. After that, we will guide customer to carry out self inspection by phone or internet. If it is needed to be returned to our factory, our service staff will call customer to confirm information.
3. User is responsible for the freight.
4. In three working days after receiving faulty products, we will send a report to tell customer fault cause analysis, fault responsibility, maintenance cost and predicted maintenance time.
5. If customer has no disagreement on the report content, we will implement maintenance.
6. When maintenance is completed, we sent the product back to customer at our own expense.
7. After problem has been solved, our service staff will call the customer again to know their use condition.